Best, most effective chiro I have ever known

I’ve had some experience with chiropractors, seen maybe a dozen in my life, even worked for a couple of them as a massage therapist. Scot Aley stands out, way out, as the best, most effective chiro I have ever known. Ever hear the joke (told to me by a chiropractor friend), “how many chiropractors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Answer: “Just one, but it takes a hundred times” Dr. Aley is not one of those. He does not try to set you up with endless visits, he gets to the heart of the matter by using professional inquiry, done in a very personable and caring way, then he fixes you in as few visits as possible, usually one does it for me. A truly knowledgeable health practitioner and great guy, I cannot recommend him enough. He has given me the relief from a debilitating back and leg pain issue that MD’s and physical therapy could not. Anyone who has been in pain and found relief knows what that is worth. Nice office, great staff, effective treatment – you can’t go wrong here!

Jesse B