In the event of a car accident, the car, and everything in it, is vigorously moved around. Because our bodies aren’t meant to move at this speed, the force of the the thrust shifts your body, destabilizes your spine, and creates the pain that we know as whiplash. Whiplash happens in every car accident that has a blunt force collision, so it’s pretty impossible to avoid. While many people try to shrug off whiplash and continue with their daily lives, after a while the signs of whiplash will rise and it’ll become noticeable.

People experiencing whiplash notice blurred vision, headaches, decreased range of motion, headaches and an ache that they can’t get rid of. These types of symptoms won’t just go away. A chiropractor needs to take the injury into their own hands and realign the spine so that your body can work as it’s intended to.

What’s worse is that these symptoms can take days, weeks, months and sometimes even years, to show up. Many people think that if they aren’t showing symptoms for whiplash, then they don’t have to worry about getting it taken care of. When whiplash doesn’t get the care that it needs, the symptoms not only turn into long term effects, but they also put your muscles, joints and nerves at risk for more pain.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, or you’re noticing long term effects of whiplash, it’s important that you schedule a visit with us as soon as possible. Put the pain to an end today when you come in for a chiropractic adjustment.