How Our MVA Services Get You Back On the Road

Getting in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. One of the most common injuries people sustain during a car accident is whiplash, which can cause neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. At Santa Clara Chiropractic Center in Eugene, OR, we have a team of auto accident chiropractors who specialize in chiropractic services that can help get you on the road to recovery and back on the road safely. Contact us today to schedule services!

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Thorough Evaluation

The first step in our MVA chiropractic services is to perform a thorough evaluation and exam. Our team will assess the extent of your injuries and determine the most appropriate treatment course to take. Our chiropractors have years of experience dealing with car accident injuries and know exactly how to provide the right treatment for your specific injury.

Chiropractor adjusting a man's neck.

Chiropractic Techniques

To treat whiplash and other common injuries, we’ll employ various chiropractic techniques designed to alleviate pain and improve function. These techniques can include spinal manipulation, rehabilitative exercises, and more. In addition to these chiropractic techniques, we may also recommend other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy.

Chiropractor evaluating a woman's back.

Comfortable Care

One of the top priorities for our team of auto accident chiropractors is to make sure you are comfortable during every stage of the treatment process. Our chiropractors are skilled at providing gentle, non-invasive care designed to reduce your pain and discomfort. We also emphasize the importance of patient education, so you are fully aware of treatment options and how they may help you.

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Personalized Treatment Plans

At Santa Clara Chiropractic Center, we personalize our treatment plans to focus on the unique needs of every patient. We’ll work directly with you to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your injury, symptoms, and recovery timeline.

Our team of chiropractors in Eugene has the expertise and resources to help you recover from motor vehicle accident injuries and get back on the road. We understand the importance of addressing your pain and discomfort quickly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start your journey to recovery.

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