We understand the relief that can come from twisting to the side just enough to feel those pops travel up your spine. If you have been feeling pressure from sitting too long, you might ask yourself, “what’s the harm in cracking my back?” Just like you are told popping your knuckles is bad for you, you might think cracking your back is also harmful.

Bad news: It’s harmful

Cracking your back every once in awhile isn’t necessarily bad for you, but doing it routinely is. Yes, cracking your back feels good, but you have to think of the muscles and ligaments around your spine as a rubber band. The more you pull and tug at a rubber band, the bigger it gets. If you tug too routinely on the muscles and ligaments around your spine, they will have a difficult time keeping your spine in place. This means it is much more likely for you to experience future discomfort and deterioration in your back.

What do I do instead?

If you routinely crack your back, try doing stretches instead! No worries, you don’t need to be flexible to feel a good stretch that could relieve some of the pressure. After about five minutes in the shower, bend backwards slightly and bend from one side to the other. Beware of bouncing, as that may damage your back and cause unnecessary soreness.

If you still feel the urge to crack your back regularly, make sure to go see your Santa Clara chiropractors. You may need an adjustment as well as a plan to help you alleviate back pain. Come see us at the Santa Clara Chiropractic Center today!