Athletes get every ounce of use from their bodies possible. Between the hours of practice and the direct contact from most sports, an athlete’s body is tired. These types of injuries, sprains and tension can lead to long term damage down the road, but they don’t have to. At Santa Clara Chiropractic, we specialize in massage therapy to help athletes whose bodies aren’t in the best condition. Even for athletes whose bodies are feeling great, there’s a lot of improvement that massage therapy could bring. Our team wanted to share just a few ways you could see improvement in your athleticism.


Massage therapy works out any of the tension that is building up in your muscles. When you have a deep tissue massage done, the fibers in your muscles are stretching out so that they have the time to heal properly. A massage, whether deep tissue or soft, is extremely beneficial to athletes that are experiencing pain from overworking, injury or stress.


In order for an athlete to reach their full potential, their muscles need to be able to heal fully. Each workout or training session tears muscles and helps them grow. A massage therapy session helps rebuild the fibers where the flexibility comes from, providing even more flexibility. When muscles aren’t treated correctly, these fibers get tighter, minimizing flexibility and increasing the chances for a severe injury.


Your muscles work similarly to a well oiled machine. The more flexible, strong and healthy your muscles are, then the better they’ll work. Massage therapy improves circulation which increases the ease at which you can move. The more efficient the circulation is, the more effective training becomes.

if you’re a serious athlete, and you haven’t signed up for a massage therapy session, you could improve your training process. There is so much more that your body is capable of when it is treated properly and given the time it needs to heal. Join Santa Clara Chiropractic for a massage therapy session today!