Massage therapy has been practiced to provide relief to a range of physical difficulties. From sports injuries to basic health, massage therapy offers tons of benefits that improve your quality of living. While releasing pressure in muscles is one of the more common reasons people partake in massage therapy, one of the benefits that you’ll see from massage therapy will be a boosted immune system.

Stress plays a major part in our health, studies have actually proven that people that have higher levels of stress get sick more frequent. Between high stress levels, the germs in all the places that we visit, changes of seasons and a million other factors, our immune system needs to be pretty strong to overcome all of the opportunities of illness that surround us. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible for massage therapy to benefit your immune system and battle all of these outside factors.

When you visit a massage therapist on a routine basis you are relieving your body of the stress that it is carrying. When you experience high levels of stress, your body becomes tense and actually holds this stress in the muscles and nerves of your body. In a similar way to that of yoga, massage therapy lowers the heart rate, stress levels and blood pressure, leaving you in a state of relaxation. When your body is in this state of relaxation, it’s able to increase oxygen levels throughout the body which in turn supports your vital organs. The better your organs are working, the stronger they become.

If you are in a profession that experiences high levels of stress, or you are simply an anxious person, massage therapy could greatly benefit you. Again, massage therapy doesn’t help you in one basic way, but rather a chain of benefits that help improve your quality of life.

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