1. What Happens During a Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massages are a wonderful way to heighten your relaxation and help your muscles! You may have a friend or two who have recommended you get one, but what should you expect? What is a deep tissue massage? A deep tissue massage involves the massage therapist using oils and relaxing the top layers of muscle. He or she will do this in order to better manipulate the deep layers of your muscle…Read More

  2. How Massage Therapy Benefits An Athlete

    Athletes get every ounce of use from their bodies possible. Between the hours of practice and the direct contact from most sports, an athlete’s body is tired. These types of injuries, sprains and tension can lead to long term damage down the road, but they don’t have to. At Santa Clara Chiropractic, we specialize in massage therapy to help athletes whose bodies aren’t in the best condition. …Read More

  3. Massage Therapy Improves Your Immune System

    Massage therapy has been practiced to provide relief to a range of physical difficulties. From sports injuries to basic health, massage therapy offers tons of benefits that improve your quality of living. While releasing pressure in muscles is one of the more common reasons people partake in massage therapy, one of the benefits that you’ll see from massage therapy will be a boosted immune system…Read More